Top Ten Favorite Pokemon

Hello Pokefans! Today will be my last post until August. I thought there would be no better way to wrap up a season then with my top ten favorite Pokemon.

10. Jigglypuff

This fairy type Pokemon has power and charm. With a pink balloon like body and a song that makes foes sleep, this Pokemon has a great attitude and is funny in the show.

9. Pidgeot

As the final evolution of the classic bird Pokemon Pidgey, this big bird is majestic, powerful and friendly. This is why I was disappointed when Ash abandoned his Pidgeot right after it evolved from Pidgeotto.

8.  Axew

This basic dragon type will not be messed with. While learning the powerful move Dragon rage early, it has a charm that makes you want to hug it.

7. Mudkip

Water is this Pokemon’s specialty. As a Hoen starter, he is a little cuter than the rest. Don’t tell me that a little blue swamp fish that is always in a good mood is ugly.  But as a starter, he also has to be powerful. This Pokemon’s Hydro Pump definitely proves it.

6. Bulbasaur

See previous post.

5. Tepig

See previous post.

4. Quilava

After it buds from a Cyndaquil, this Pokemon becomes cuter and more powerful because it opens its eyes and its flame power increases.

3. Squirtle

See previous post

2. Riolu

You may have heard of this Pokemon, although it is in the shadow of its evolved form: Lucario. With cute charm that looks like a dog, It also has powerful and mysterious auras that break bedrock.

1. Eevee

Yes, the evolution Pokemon Eevee is my favorite Pokemon. With a cute exterior, this Pokemon has the potential to evolve into eight different forms. Its big ears, little smile and a bushy tail, make me want to hug it. Also, he can use his Rage Tackle to get the crowd moving, This shows his obvious power.


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