Hello Pokefans, Today we are here to talk about the seed Pokemon: Bulbasaur.  Bulbasaur is one of the three starters in the Kanto region. As implied in his name, Bulbasaur is a Grass type dinosaur with a bulb on his back. He has cute little teeth and beautiful eyes. He is the only basic starter Pokemon who has two types, Grass and Poison. Also Bulbasaur is the only Pokemon who is classified as a both plant and animal Pokemon. Bulbasaurs signature attack is called vine whip. It creates vines from its bulb and thrashes it down on the opponent. At level 16, Bulbasaur becomes Ivysaur, and at level 32 he becomes Venusaur. If you have Venusaurite,  Venusaur can mega evolve. Since every Bulbasaur has a polite personality,  they thank you for reading this post.Bulbasaur_XY_AttackAnimation_SpriteFRLG_001_front


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