Hello this is my first post and I am here to talk about the fire pig Pokemon: Tepig.  He is a cute red pig with fire powers.  As one of the starter Pokemon for generation 5( Black and  White), Tepig evolves 2 times into Pignite at level 17 and Emboar  at level 36. This is only one of the great things about Tepig: He still is awesome even after he evolves!!! While breathing fire from his snout, Tepig and his evolutions are the only Pokemon who don’t use their mouth for flame thrower. Tepig is my favorite Pokemon because he is adorable and powerful.

                   Here are some interesting facts about Tepig.  Tepig is the only one of the three starter Pokemon in Black and White that walks on four legs.  Ember and tackle are Tepig’s starting moves.  Also Tepig is the only one of the tree starters that gains a second type as it evolves: Fighting. These are only couple of intresting facts about Tepig.




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